About Us

As a family owned company we know all aspects of our business – we are California natives, and have been collectively involved in growing for 50+ years.

Our story in how we started medicating with cannabis is probably similar to yours – Doctors prescribed pharmaceuticals which never cured anything, but rather created more havoc in our bodies and ultimately lifes. So rather than continuing with that destructive protocol we began “listening” to our bodies and started eating organically; juicing when we needed to fix things quickly; used Feng Shui in our life to create balance and harmony; started enjoying nature more; and included noncannabis essential oils as well as cannabis into our everyday life.

The result is that we are happier and feel an inner peace and calming more than before. And truly we feel that if you are healthy, happy and at peace your body and mind are operating at its optimum.

We believe that cannabis is a naturopath approach to treating many ailments. It might be a cure all for some, but others may need other protocols to compliment the use of cannabis. There is a great depth of knowledge in the world and if we all share, it will ultimately benefit the whole.

There are only solutions…no problems.

The Goldy’s Family